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Looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood?

Chances are that you will quickly find a suitable babysitter via Oudermatch. By using the map, you can see which babysitters live in your neighbourhood. Oudermatch will keep you informed every week about newly-registered babysitters in your neighbourhood. So, looking for a babysitter? Register for free and see the babysitters near you.

How do I find a suitable babysitter?

Oudermatch shows a short description for each babysitter, a few personal details, and (when available) a photo. The babysitter says a little about themselves and indicates what sort of family they are looking for. On the basis of this, you can make a first selection and send an invitation to the babysitter or babysitters to meet and get to know them. Found a good match? Then you and the babysitter can make further arrangements.

Establishing a good relationship between parents and babysitters

When you've found the perfect babysitter that you want to hire via Oudermatch, it's incredibly important to establish a good relationship. Not only between the babysitter and the child/children but also between the babysitter and the parents.
Good communication with the chosen babysitter is important through the entire journey as it helps build up the trust. 
Another great way to build up the trust is to see references from former employers, school teachers and other. 

Always make your expectations clear to the babysitter regarding hours, pay and duties. Perhaps write it down and keep a copy each as it's easier to avoid misunderstandings this way. 

Other childcare options

Oudermatch not only brings parents and babysitters together, but also connects parents with each other. Parents can help each other by occasionally babysitting for each other, by organising after-school care together, or by simply having their children play together.

Looking for a childminder as an alternative to nursery or after-school care? Then Oudermatch can help you too: many childminders have also registered. Read more about Oudermatch.

Register free now, and see what Oudermatch can do for you.

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  • Binnen een dag een goede reactie die een goede match lijkt.
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  • Tevreden. Duidelijke website. Direct contact na inschrijving. Wel redelijk hoge kosten voor betaald profiel.