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The benefits of a childminder

Childminders offer a professional approach and childcare in a domestic atmosphere. Depending on your wishes, this can take place either in your home or in that of the childminder.

The advantages of a childminder in short:

  • Childcare with a childminder takes place in a domestic atmosphere.
  • A childminder is often more flexible and can, for example, cook for your child occasionally or bring your child home.
  • A childminder can also care for your child in the evening or at weekends.

How do I find a suitable childminder?

You can register for free with Oudermatch. After registering, you can see a map of your neighbourhood, which gives a direct overview of the childminders near you. We will also keep you informed as soon as a new childminder registers in your area. In the profile description, each childminder indicates her work experience, if she has a diploma, and what days and times are suitable, together with other relevant personal information. On the basis of this, you can quickly make a first selection of suitable childminders.

How do I contact a childminder?

Via Oudermatch, you can directly contact a childminder. When you're logged into Oudermatch and have found a suitable childminder, you can leave a message for her. Next, you can agree to meet and see if you are a suitable match for each other.

Establishing a good relationship between the childminder and the parents

When you have found a suitable childminder through Oudermatch it's important to establish a good relationship between the childminder and the child as well as between the childminder and the parents. 
Good communicatin between the childminder and the parents is incredibly important throughout the entire process, as it helps build up the trust. 
Another great way to build up the trust is to talk to other parents who have used that childminder before. 

It is normal for the parents to spend a couple of hours or a full day at the childminder's house with the child to see what the environment is like. But also to see how the child interacts witht the childminder and the other children.

Register for free now and see which childminders are in your neighbourhood.

Reviews parents
  • Ik zou het fijn vinden als ouders recensies achterlaten zodat je in tweezijde indruk kan krijgen.
  • De respons rate van 12 gastouders is na 5 dagen 1 uit 12 - die dame antwoordde netjes dat ze al voorzien was. Waarschijnlijk hebben de meeste van de andere 12 ook al een gezin gevonden: hogere checkrate "ben je nog op zoek?" En "kloppen je beschikbare dagen nogeleden?" Vanuit oudermatch vind ik een must...Dit voelt als ***weggegooide euro's!
  • Had niet gedacht dat ik een reactie zou krijgen maar had er zelfs 2 super
  • Van de mensen die ik benaderd heb krijg ik geen reactie. Waarschijnlijk zijn deze mensen niet meer beschikbaar. Is het bestand wel up to date?
  • Zeker goed bedrijf, ik krijg veel reacties van gastouders via Oudermatch