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Babysitters, childminders and parents for each other Oudermatch, the babysitting site for the Netherlands

About oudermatch

  • What does Oudermatch offer babysitters and childminders?

    A babysitter or childminder can find parents via Oudermatch in their neighborhoodwho are looking for a babysitter and/or childminder. You can make contact with them, get to know them, and potentially make arrangements for babysitting.

  • Does registering with Oudermatch come with any obligations?

    No, registration is completely free and without obligation. In this way you can decide yourself whether to accept an invitation to meet parents, babysitters or childminders near you. You remain in control.

  • What does Oudermatch offer parents?

    Oudermatch offers parents the opportunity to get to know parents, babysitters and childminders in their local area, in order to organise childcare together. Besides finding a babysitter or childminder, parents can also contact each other. Simply to find playmates in the neighbourhood, or for example to share a babysitter or childminder and share the costs.

  • Are parents, babysitters and childminders screened by Oudermatch?
    Oudermatch can be seen as an online meeting place. We do regularly check that no inappropriate messages are posted, but despite this we advise parents themselves to be selective with the contacts available on Oudermatch. We advise you to be careful when making a selection, for example by asking for references from babysitters and childminders, and by having a getting-to-know-you meeting in order to develop an accurate impression of each other.
  • What does Oudermatch cost?
    Registration is free and without obligation. You can also read and answer messages from others for free.

    Found a match and ready to send a message to another user? It's time to upgrade to a premium subscription.

    Premium membership parents
    3 months € 24,00 (€ 8 per month)
    12 months € 48,00 (€ 4 per month)

    Premium membership babysitters / childminders
    3 months € 15,00 (€ 5 per month)
    12 months € 36,00 (€ 3 per month)

    A premium membership will be automatically extended at the end of your membership, for each following month you will be charged the same reduced monthly fee you have paid thus far
  • How do I get in touch with someone?
    Go to another user’s profile and click on ‘send message’. You will be asked to subscribe to a premium membership first. Once you have sent the message, we will send an email to that person notifying him/her that he/she has received a message. Those people whom you’ve sent a message to will be able to reply to you for free.

    We never share your personal details with others such as your address, email or telephone number. So it’s up to you to provide these to others.
  • How can others get in contact with me?
    Others can reach you by subscribing to a premium membership allowing them to send you a message via oudermatch. We'll then send you an email to notify you. You will be able to reply to this message for free.

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  • Are my personal details securely stored?
    We take the protection of your personal details seriously. As such, the website has extra security. In order to protect traffic between visitors and the server so that it cannot be intercepted by unwanted parties, the website is protected by a so-called SSL certificate. This certificate encrypts the information which is sent back and forth, and is better known as the “padlock” or “https version” of a website.
  • Can others see my personal details?
    Only your first name and photo are visible to others. Your address details remain hidden and are not visible to others.
  • What are my address details used for?
    Your address details are used to show other registered users where you live, by showing an icon on a map of your local area. In this way other parents, babysitters and childminders can recognise you as a neighbour, so as to contact you via Oudermatch. We never show your street or house number. We will also never share your address details with third parties.
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