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Babysitters and babysitting jobs

Looking for a babysitter or a babysitting job? With Oudermatch, finding a babysitter or a babysitting job in your neighbourhood is simple. Arrange to meet each other and see if you click. Haven't found anyone yet? Oudermatch will regularly inform you about new registrations.

Parents for parents

Just think what you can organise with other parents in your area via Oudermatch. Imagine: you find other parents with children of similar ages, who your children can play with now and then. Or maybe you'll find parents to share a babysitter or childminder with. The savings speak for themselves.


Are you looking for a childminder, or are you a childminder looking for a family? Then Oudermatch is the place for you too. Choosing a childminder has many advantages, and for many parents it is the perfect type of childcare as an alternative to nursery or after-school care. Many childminders and parents have already registered with Oudermatch. Register free now and see what Oudermatch can do for you.

Babysitters and childminders all over the country

No matter where you are looking for a babysitter or childminder, you will usually be able to find one through Oudermatch. Every week hundreds of new people sign up via our website, so you will always have many babysitters to choose from. 

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  • I'm sure that you are a professional profile...maybe coul be increase the smart contact between babysitters and family, to avoid the long times to wait....thanks, your fan
  • ik heb niks te klagen hoor jullie zijn Goed
  • It is very inconvenient when people without premium membership can't send any messages for customers. It means we are forced to pay the fee, which is a bit unfair.
  • The idea behind the website is good, but profiles are not updated. People put in availability and when you ask them it turns out that they are busy with something else, babysitting not being the thing they are doing. Assuming of course that they answer back. Mostly people do not answer, therefore, validating if someone is interested to be on the website and if not thy or administrator should retire their profile. I guess babysitters do not pay for access to the website. I was able to find one person that contacted me back and who would help me out. From my perspective this website is not worth the money I am paying for it and therefore I will be removing my profile.
  • Leuke site, werkt goed, logisch dat jullie er geld voor vragen: wel een puntje: ik heb nu iemand gecontact van wie ik veel later zag dat zij haar account in 2014 erop heeft gezet. Als je je aanmeldt omdat je zo iemand wil spreken en die blijkt allang niet meer actief te zijn, dan is het wel erg zonde van je geld. Misschien kan dat nog aangepast worden.
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